Complete build-to-print machining and assembly services in Michigan.

As a full service, one-stop shop, Action Tool & Machine, Inc. provides a range of build-to-print machining and assembly services in Michigan. We are an actual shop, not a service. Customers are welcome to visit and see where their product is produced. Our prototype and low run production services include:

Complete build-to-print machining and assembly:

  • “Part to Print” reverse engineering service
  • Prototyping and low run production – less than 100 pieces
  • Machine tool fixtures and details
  • Forging and extrusion die sets, details, and tooling
  • Press fixtures and machined components
  • Low volume turning and milling production machining – up to 40,000 pieces annually

Qualified sub-contractor service:

  • Heat treatment
  • Surface finishing and coatings
  • Gear and spline cutting
  • All in-house machining processes
  • Repair

We work with a variety of metals and plastics as a parts and components supplier. Our machining and assembly services allow our customers to save time and money by eliminating the need to hire workers for additional operations. We guarantee the quality of our parts. Parts are produced complete and delivered per our customer’s specifications. We are proud of the high-quality standard we have maintained through the years. Our Quality Control Policy is based on:

  • Maintaining open communication with our customers, suppliers, and employees to foster teamwork for creative solutions
  • Striving for 100% on-time delivery and quality
  • Increasing communication and participation through team meetings
  • Utilizing benchmarks to promote continuous improvement
  • Serving our customers through constant development and steady growth


Interested in our outsourced machining or assembly services? Contact us at 810-229-6300